Hensen Bar Chair

The Hensen Barstool is a compact barstool that offers a lot of comfort through the backrest and still allows you to sit sideways duet o the flat seat.
The seating height can be customized easily. This way you can adjust it to the bar height in the best way.

The idea for the industrial shape and construction of the Hensen chairs got sparked by the view designers Jos Kranen and Johannes Gille had on an old wharf crane, situated right in front of their first studio on the banks of the river Maas.
Made of steel tubular profiles the chairs are surprisingly light and are very comfortable.
Standard colours are blackgrey and white. Custom colours are available on request.

The seat of the chairs is at 75cm height and is 24cm wide and 24cm deep. If you require a different seat height please let us know as we can adjust this in production easily.

It happens that we have some chairs in stock, but in general the Hensen Chairs are made upon order. Please contact us to find out what we currently have available.

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