Frederik Roijé

'Products have a habit of disappearing because of their functionality. I want to prevent this by adding additional value to a products. This value is the story behind the product’.
Frederik Roijé was born on june 14, 1978, in the eastern part of the Netherlands. He graduated in 2001 from the renowned Design Academy in Eindhoven. It was here where his preference for interior products was born.

Frederike Top

Frederike Top has her own studio in product design which is based in Amsterdam. Her designs consist mainly of interior products, but she also designs for the public space. Products of her hand usually have an extra dimension, little surprises that will only be discovered when they are used or small interventions which have a major impact.


Kranen/Gille is a design studio based in the south of the Netherlands. Jos Kranen and Johannes Gille seek to unite various industrial disciplines and craftsmanship into appealing design objects. All their pieces seem to breathe industrial revolution with a whiff of natural structures reminiscent of the photography of Karl Blossfeldt.

Nieuwe Heren

"Nieuwe Heren, freely translated as ‘New Gents’ was founded june 2009 by Erik De Nijs and Tim Smit.

Erik De Nijs (’85) and Tim Smit (’88) both graduated from the school of art Utrecht (Holland) in 2009. After some cooperations they decided that their comparable visions and ideas, would make a great team for a fertile collaboration."

Peter van de Water

Peter van de Water is a Dutch furniture and interior designer based in Amsterdam. He graduated in 1994 from St.Joost art-school in Breda. His designs are characterized by the intelligent simplicity they posses. A singular and strong message captured within a recognizable shape.