About us

New Duivendrecht aims to contribute to a surrounding that feels familiar and inspiring, by connecting the past with the present, crafts with industry and storytelling with functionality.

Victor Le Noble - New Duivendrecht

Victor Le Noble

The background of the companies name lies in the dream of re-creating Duivendrecht, a small village surrounded by Amsterdam, enclosed by high lining railroads and highways. When our designers close their eyes they are working on this re-creation by virtually controlling the machines and tools with which they craft their new designs.

Our company was founded by Victor le Noble and Frederik Roijé in 2012. Both designers and entrepreneurs. Since 2015 Victor is leading the company and works on the realization of the companies’ ambitions.
Besides products that were designed by Frederik, our collection includes items that were designed by renowned Dutch designers such as Kranen/Gille, Peter van de Water, Floris Hovers and De Nieuwe Heren.

New Duivendrecht targets both the consumer market and the market for contract furniture.
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