About Us

At New Duivendrecht it is our goal to create unique, smart and sustainable interior products. Our products are produced locally in the Netherlands and have been designed with the knowledge that there is a need for them from both an aesthetic as well as a functional perspective.

We aim to work in the most sustainable way we can. We do this by using specific sustainable principles that are relevant to each project we work on. Whether it’s the development of a new product, the shipment of goods or presenting our products at a fair.

New Duivendrecht was founded in 2011 in Duivendrecht. An old little village that has completely been devoured by Amsterdam, its large neighbor. Being fully surrounded by high-lined railroads, subway fly-overs and highways the brand’s founders imagined a new, lively and healthy version of Duivendrecht where the brand’s beautiful products would bring joy to people’s lives.

Currently, New Duivendrecht is based in the creative center of Amsterdam-Noord.

Lara Klingenberg 

General Manager

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Thomas Stewart

Sales Assistant

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Art Direction